About BioBizz

Biobizz produces organic soil, natural nutrients, fertilizers, stimulants and additive mixtures for plants. Our vision is to make the organic cultivation of crops accessible for everyone, on each continent, in each country and within each community, without creating negative effects in any environment. With 100% certified plant nutrition we provide the best for your plants!

About our products

Our product line includes dry and liquid plant nutrition: from soil till fertilizer. The whole range to grow your own and of course: all organic. The best base for every thinkable crop. The line of liquids contains 9 different products, each with their own specifications and results after usage. The soil line consists of 3 strong & solid products, suited for each individual wish to grow.

About the blog

This is the official Biobizz blog. Specially designed for those who love to grow their own food and crops and those who love Biobizz. Let yourself get inspired to grow in the best possible way. Like to contribute to the subjects in the blog? You can! Leave a comment below the blogposts or visit the contactpage to inspire us to write about new subjects.

About the bloggers

The blogposts are written by a wide range of people, all with one thing in comment: their love for green & organic. Our bloggers differ from Biobizz team members to those who have a special connection to the brand. Fans from around the world: sailers, singers, farmers. They all unite here!