DIY: Make your own indoor composting container

In our blog about backyard composting you can read all ins & outs on how to get started with outdoor composting. For those who have to work with less space or do not have the luxury of a garden or outdoor space and still want to start composting; you’re on the […]

Introduction To The Basics Of Backyard Composting

Back in the days when I was a little kid, my grandparents used to make their own compost in a big plastic barrel in their yard. Trash went in and months later soil came out. For me it was like magic. My grandad considered himself to be the wizard of ‘Black […]

How To Grow Seedlings In Eggshells?

There are loads of ways to germinate your seeds. You might have seen or heard of this alternative way before: eggshells are perfect for creating an amazing seedbed for your plants! Why does it make it an ideal organic ‘pot’ to grow seedlings? Let’s break some eggs!