Biobizz history: How it all started

Respect for nature not only means respecting the environment in which we live, maintaining stunningly beautiful landscapes or saving whales from extinction. In the long run, respect for nature leads us to change our way of life and our attitude towards the world and its inhabitants

Back in time

During the last centuries (especially since the XVII century, with Galileo, Descartes, and Newton’s Scientific Revolution), we -the western civilization- have looked upon nature as a lifeless entity which therefore did not deserve any special consideration.

For example, based on the thinking of Descartes, science assumed that animals were simple machines and that their screams were not an expression of suffering but just a noise emitted by a misadjusted mechanism.

As a result we have become accustomed to viewing nature as something which is totally at our disposal: a warehouse from which we can extract raw materials at will, and an unlimited dumping ground for our mountains of waste.

However, in the past few decades, a series of events best condensed into the expression ‘ecological crisis’- have shown us that we can no longer maintain this attitude

Biobizz and its respect for nature

By producing organic fertilizers, Biobizz contributes to the creation of a better environment for the present inhabitants of the world, for the forthcoming generations, but also for all other living organisms in this world.
By making everybody aware of the advantages and results of growing in an organic way, we hope to finally contribute to a sustainable society and world.

Why Biobizz?

Product innovation and quality control is the foundation of our success. Ecologically aware and socially responsible Biobizz®’ scientists and technicians use the very latest technology available for periodical and thorough quality inspections – not only of our new products, but also our existing ones.

Each phase of the production process has been 100% developed by computer programs. This approach ensures that all our products offer a perfect, uniform blend. The more than 12,000 m2 of modern facilities at our disposal are equipped with the most sophisticated technological components enabling the correct research, development, and manufacture of all Biobizz products. Our commitment to quality and the environment has created a loyal customer base in and beyond Europe, extending to include North and South America, Africa, and the Middle East.

Biobizz products are 100% organic. Read more about our certifications here.

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