Vita Verde & shop decoration

Vita Verde Plants

Vita Verde Indoor solutions, a Biobizz retailer in Italy, took us along as a sponsor at the XMasters awards in Senigallia. This amazing skating event was the perfect place to hand out some of the well known Biobizz skating T-shirts! Vita Verde was there to inform the public about growing your own. We followed up this event with a shop visit. Looking at their shop you see they give nice examples of how to grow plants in a diversity of ways. Decoration for your shop can be easy: use all possible elements! Pallets, your ceiling or a bag of All-Mix.

The Biobizz soil bags have a round shaped icon on the front. You can cut this out and use the full bag as the perfect base to grow, for example: a tomato plant in a large pot. It’s not only very easy to do, but also an excellent way of product placement.






The Vita Verde Shop Decoration

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