Marc Costa Llucia

Marc is one of Biobizz’ team members in Spain. He is a sales representative there and loves to share his passion for creative ways of gardening and cooking. He has lots of knowledge about the usage of Biobizz products. He writes about this, but also gives you growtips to be creative and develop your own growing style.

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Biobizz Mr.TopMax

From the very beginning when Biobizz was found Mr.T opMax was involved in the development of the best ways to grow with Biobizz. He tells you all about organic gardening in general and everything you ever wanted to know about Biobizz, the products and the Greenhouse project.



Joe Bananas

Johao Torres, better known as ‘Joe Bananas’, is a well known hip hop artist from Chile. At the moment he is in the middle of the process of presenting his first project as a solo artists. It’s titled: ‘The beginning’. As one of Biobizz’ biggest ambassadors Joe writes about his experiences and adventures with Biobizz, but also about his life as an artist.

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Biobizz Miss.ActiVera

Miss Acti-Vera is a new member of the Biobizz family. She gives you ‘Biobizz behind the scenes’ and tells you all about the social activities of the company, but also nice background stories about the Biobizz team.



Chris Young

Chris joined us in 2014 as a new member of the Biobizz team for the USA. He has lots of knowledge on the technical part of creating your own vegetables and flowers. He tests the Biobizz products in his own garden and updates you about this process, but also on all specific details you want to know about growing your own.

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Biobizz blogger (admin)

Every blog needs an admin :-). Although this sounds like someone behind the scenes, his connection to Biobizz is BIG. He loves the products and helps the Biobizz team members to put it on the blogpage!