Biobizz recipe #1- zucchini cream

The first in a line of many to come: cooking with Biobizz! Today Edu, a member of the team of engineers Biobizz works with, is cooking zucchini cream. An extra nice fact is the zucchini itself was grown in the Biobizz greenhouse! It all started with a huge zucchini. The only extra ingredients you have to add are: leek, onion, cream and croutons. If you like you can also add chicken filet and bouillon for extra flavor.

Biobizz recipe: zucchini cream


  1. cut the zucchini, onion and leek.
  2. fry (just use a bit of olive oil) the leek and onion a low temperature.
  3. add the zucchini chunks and fry the mixture together for a while. The veggies should remain their light color (don’t bake for too long).
  4. add boiled water to the vegetables and let it cook for a while. If you like  you can also add some bouillon.
  5. scoop the vegetables in a mixer (without the stock!)
  6. add a few glasses of the stock till you (almost) fill up the mixer.
  7. add 1 glass of cream.
  8. mix ‘m up!

Your dish is done! You can serve it with some chicken, parsley and croutons.




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