The Biobizz Training Week



As Biobizz is an international company, we do not see our colleagues that often. Of course, we skype, call and send peacedoves, but that is not álways proficient. Or fun. So: We gathered all employees of Biobizz Worldwide. They stepped away from their daily desks and headed to Bilbao for the first Biobizz Training Week. Time for some serious teambuilding!

The week was all about connecting, learning, sharing, laughing, playing, getting to know your colleagues, enjoying lovely food, laughing more, teambuilding, discovering Basque wines and above all, having fun! To do ALL of that, there was a stuffed programme with presentations, sports and games ahead of us.

Teambuilding through the power of play!

Teams that work together get better results; Improved productivity, communication, connection, creativity, dynamics, teamwork, planning, problem solving and so on! So we took that to the next level by surfing the waves of Sopelana de Salvaje, learning the basics of yoga, climbing the Basque rocks and some challenging Gymkana. Nothing like a little competition to bond a group together!

Swap seats is what everybody needs

Knowing perfectly your role and function is essential for an efficient working day. But knowing what your colleagues from sales, production, management, front office or marketing do is just as good to know. So, we experienced it ourselves by swinging roles! All employees were divided into groups and learnt everything about one of the departments.

Getting to know your co-workers

During the whole week we were shown funny quotes of employees and we had to guess who said what. This turned out to be a highly enlightening way to get to know each other :P. The Big Boss owns 5 toothbrushes. Yes. So, at the end of the week we kind of knew each other and we had to vote for the Daily sunshine, The King/Queen of the Week, Biobizz Nerd, Globetrotter and Teamplayer.

Feed the brain

Obviously we also grew and shared our Biobizz knowledge and ideas with each other. There were various presentations about Social Media and our Unique Selling Points, but also about more practical things like HR and Sales Guidelines.

The last day we visited Expoweed. For the majority of the sales department these visits are as normal as planting a tomato in April, but for some it was a completely awesome new experience.

The show must go on

In the meantime, all departments had to be up and running of course.  Sometimes those 24 hours in a day just didn’t seem to be enough :). But we’ve a wonderfull time! In conclusion it was a week of non-stop experiences, which passed by a blur of flashing smiles. As we vanished back into the ether of homewards flights, Septemberweek left us basking in a unique afterglow and minds lit up by Basque hospitality!

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