Create a Biobizz garden even without space!

If you don’t have al lot of space around the house, its not easy to plant a garden with vegetables you want to grow, let alone just plants. A lot of people around the world came up with a solution for that. We gather some awesome ideas, that can help everyone with this small problem, using as much of your space as possible.

A new concept that is flowing around and becomes rapidly hit these days (for good reason), is vertical gardening. It gives you the ability to grow plants in a small spaces and it looks great too! This is what you’’ll need:

  • Choose a location with a enough space on the wall.
  • Select the style of gardening like pockets, pallets or grow bags (or chose them all).
  • Lettuce, strawberries, squashes are super vegetables who can grow on the wall.

Also, a great cheap solution is the Hanging Gutters. The amount of gutters you will need, depends on the your vertical space. You also need something to hang it up on and some rope to attach the gutters with each other. Important to remember is to pick a spot with a enough hours of sunlight as well. Plus, the gutters can preserve as privacy fence.

Hanging rain gutters

In addition in use crates, try to attach a couple of medium sizes crates from plastic or wood, in a vertical line. Make as much of boxes next to each other, and make sure their is enough space for the plants to grow in the height.

Vertical Crates Garden

Lastly, we found the idea that’s called the String Gardens. We have a small crush on these hanging plants, where no pots are necessary. It originated from Japanese art. Basically, enclose the plants roots in a moss ball of coconut husk and tie it together with a rope. Or use plaster, soil, moss and grass. For both ways allows you to water the plants without getting muddy water from below.

String Gardens

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