Get rid of those nasty weeds for good

weeds that grow on the wood

One of the most annoying problems in your indoor or outdoor garden is the presence of excessive weeds. Especially when they grow when you don’t want them too. They are nasty invaders and grow way too fast. Some weeds are even mistaken for actual plants, which let you accidentally pull out the wrong plant! A second problem of weeds is that they influence the soil of your plants in a bad way, which will affect the growth of your plants as well. That’s why we will give you some guidelines on how to handle these bad boys.

Identify the weed

Overall there are three different kinds of weeds: the grassy, broadleaf and woody & vining types. Grassy weeds are the most difficult to control. Broadleaf’s are tough ones that will appear in the weak areas of your garden. Woody & vining weeds sprawl rapidly and uses trees for support.

Weeds on the road

Tips to destroy them

  1. Pull them out

Your first reaction will be to pull them out immediately, but that’s not always as easy as it seems. The best way to pull them out is to make the soil moist first. Then slowly pull the weed from the base so that you pull the root out as well. Plus, use garden gloves to protect your hands against spiny weeds.

  1. Off with their heads

Some weeds have the opportunity to grow over a long period of time They become too strong to pull out. When this happens, only chop off the head. This way the weed is forced to use its food supply, which limits their ability to spread any further.

  1. Smother them

After pulling all the weeds out, the key is to never let them grow again. Just like plants, weeds like sunlight, so the trick is to decrease sunlight. Cover the soil with multiple layers of old newspapers or other recycled paper. After that cover it with some mulch. If a strong weed still manages to grow through your paper, just add another layer and mulch it.

Super tip to prevent for good

If you still have an empty garden bed because of the season or because you live in a warmer climate, plant a solarizing bed. It will destroy existing weeds AND the number of new ones will be drastically reduced. Plus, it can wipe out diseases and pests that were in the soil before. The key is to use plastic and lay it over the top of your bed. Leave the plastic for 4 to 6 weeks after which you can take it off and add some compost or fertilizer. You now have a healthy garden bed!



Do you have any super tips? Put them in the comment section below!

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Get rid of those nasty weeds for good

One of the most annoying problems in your indoor or outdoor garden...
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