How to grow seedlings in eggshells?

Eggshells: Don’t walk on them, use them for sprouting your seeds!

There are loads of ways to germinate your seeds. You might have seen or heard of this alternative way  before: eggshells are perfect for creating an amazing seedbed for your plants! Why?

Fist of all it’s free and super practical to use eggshells. And you were probably going to throw them away, so you’ll earn some karma points by saving them from the trash bin. They’re also organic, biodegradable and the eggshells can be planted directly into the soil. Next to that they also provide nutrients for your plants. Eggshells are rich in calcium. When you add it to your garden soil, it also moderates soil acidity while fertilizing your plants.

And hey, above all, it’s child’s play, so no reason not to try. All you need is a couple of eggs, an egg carton, seeds, planting soil and something pointy and sharp (awl, thick needle, kitchen skewer, corkscrew etc.). Let’s go!

growing in eggshells

  1. Crack it up

Be careful when you are going to break the eggshells. Gently slice the top part off the pointy end, about the size of a dime. Put the content into a bowl.

  1. Omelet time

Find your inner chef and prepare yourself a glo-ri-ous omelet. Bon appétit! Once you’ve cracked that bottle, it is time to get going.

  1. Polish that egg

Clean eggshells are safe eggshells! Rinse them with boiling hot water. This way, the chances to break the shells are decreased. Don’t forget to dry them thoroughly, this kills any salmonella present.

Pierce the bottom of the egg shells with the pointy object you’ve found. This will drain the water. It is easier to do this from the inside.

Put the eggshells back in the egg box. In case you want to make the holes on the top a bit bigger, you can gently chip any rough edges when it’s dry.

growing in eggshells

  1. Fill and thrill

Fill the eggshells with moist potting soil to about just below the shell opening. Light-Mix is perfect for seedlings, young plants and cuttings. Even the soil out by shaking them gently.

  1. Sow and moisture

You can use any kind of seeds, such as herbs, spices, flowers or vegetables. Check the instructions on the seed packet, because some need to be soaked 24 hours before planting them. If not, you can put the seeds in the middle of the eggshells. Add a very thin layer of soil and moisten it again with a few drops of water. Make it easy on yourself and use a teaspoon or spray for watering.

  1. Take care of them and bury them with love

Now we’re getting somewhere! They need some light to grow, so park them in a sunny spot. Water the seeds carefully, with a spray bottle for example. Check them every day, keep the soil moist, not wet. Every few days you can rotate the egg box, this way they grow more steadily. Now it is just a matter of time. Depending on which seed you planted, the seedling mostly will come up in less than a week. It might be helpful to sing to them and whisper sweet words.

Once the seeds have germinated and outgrow their ‘pots’ (they will be around 5 cm and have some leaves at this stage) you can move them into bigger pots or plant them in the ground.

You don’t have to get them out of the egg shell! They will decompose and become part of the substrates, providing calcium to your plant. So the little pots can be planted right in the ground with the seedlings. Crack the egg shells a little tiny bit before planting, but don’t break them! That way the roots will have some space to grow through it, into the soil.

Thus far! Are you convinced yet? We’re curious about your experiences with germinating your seeds this way. Do you have tips, doubts or questions? Let us know!

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