A BBQ with… fish!

salmon on bbq

With these lovely spring and summer days, I really enjoy being outside. You also know that I love eating; but not the ordinary food. I like eating healthy and tasty! And I really, really love fish! Today I’m going to combine one of my favourite outdoor hobbies with my favourite type of food. Let’s have a barbecue with fish!

Typical barbecues are normally all about meat: sausages, Spanish chorizos, grilled meats such as delicious entrecote, hamburgers, etc. Although I’ve to admit that I love these kinds of barbecues, I’ll make a different one this time.

For this barbecue, I’ve decided to get some sardines, trout, salmon and some mussels, clams and razor shells to cook in their own juice. Since we’ll be with some vegetarian friends, I will also grill some zucchini, aubergines and some homemade brochettes with red and green pepper and onions.

For a good meal, we need a good wine! Remember that with fish, it’s always better to drink a white wine. Are you still not totally sure about which wine to choose? Check out  this blog to find out which wine will complement your fish barbecue (or other meal).

Do you want to join us? You’re all invited to my fish BBQ!

Share your idea of your ideal BBQ with me, I’m curious about the pictures! Have fun!

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