A good wine for the perfect meal!

At Biobizz we really enjoy beautiful and delicious food. And it is even better when it is served with the perfect wine. But what kind of food matches best with what kind of wine? We will give you some tips to learn how to combine them.

A good wine for a good dinner

Different types of wine, for different types of food

Drinking wine is an experience, it complements your meal. For every kind of dish, we need a different kind. How to pick the right one? One of the ground rules is that light food goes with light wines and heavier meals need a heavier wine.

Let’s start with, of course, the starters! Traditionally, expert’s advice is to choose a white wine if we are starting with seafood or different sorts of pâté. Try a Riesling or a fresh Sauvignon Blanc with white or light fish. However, if the starters are based on cold meat such as sausages or ham, seafood or cooked vegetables, we recommend to choose a rosé. Dry Rosé is nice in combination with (pasta) salads, BBQ chicken or fish or light spicy foods

So basically you start with the lightest kinds, and choose stronger ones for the main dishes. In general, expert’s advice to combine aging or reserve wines with red meat or beef, such as a Merlot or a Cabernet Sauvignon. Quite the opposite, we will choose a white one, such as a Chardonnay or Pinot Grigio, for meals based on fish, seafood, different kinds of cheese and salads. White meat (like chicken) matches perfectly with a rich white wine like Viognier or light red like Grenache or Pilotage. Experts also recommend a wine-paring between sweets and muscatel, Porto or a sparkling wine. Champagne perfectly complements salty food.

No panic, it’s organic 

 From Biobizz we would like to remind you that organic wines are always free of chemical and toxic elements. That is why its flavor and taste is unique, maintaining always its natural bouquet, taste and color. Besides this, organic wines are less harmful for the environment and, therefore, for our own health. You can enjoy them worry-free! And of course it is best enjoyed in company of others. So invite your friends!

The Perfect wine match for each diner

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