Behind the blog

Since 1992, Biobizz® has helped people grow successfully and organically, with no earth-hating chemicals in sight. Biobizz wants to spread the organic word and get everyone thinking green. Organic means growing without any chemical or mineral-based additives or fertilizers.

From planting seeds to picking the first crops, Biobizz® is leader in the field when it comes to eco-friendly crop cultivation. Discover the Biobizz® product line on Biobizz Products.

Our writers

Marc Costa Lluciá: Grower and Biobizz® agricultural engineer.

Stoney Tark: Grower and writer for Soft Secret and High Times.

Biobizz® wouldn't be Biobizz® without its growers. The blog is a community platform where growers can share their experiences.

Do you want to leave your mark?

Do you have an organic tip? or you maybe want to share your 'sustainable' project? Become a guest blogger!

You can join our organic journey by expanding and sharing knowledge about organic gardening to our community. We want the blog to be a platform where growers can give growing tips or your vision on growing organically and creating a greener world.

Subject wise, you can decide to write about the latest green trends, give tips and hacks on how to help other growers, present your green project, or share your advanced gardening techniques. You can also choose to talk about CBD.

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