Aloe Vera Plants Empower Your Crops

Aloe Vera plant is more than just a household décor! Since ancient Egypt, this succulent is still used for medicinal purpose. It shows impressive medicinal power on us so, why not using the Aloe Vera for your plants? That’s right, this spiky green gem could also empower your plants. The ancient […]

Edible Flowers? What The Heck!

Flowers are beautiful but…have you ever eaten one? A flower’s main purpose is to be pretty in our garden but they can also add aesthetics and exotic flavours to your meals. But did you know that edible flowers can be traced back to Roman times? Found in the Chinese, Middle Eastern, […]

How To Grow Seedlings In Eggshells?

There are loads of ways to germinate your seeds. You might have seen or heard of this alternative way before: eggshells are perfect for creating an amazing seedbed for your plants! Why does it make it an ideal organic ‘pot’ to grow seedlings? Let’s break some eggs!