Misunderstood Medicine

Discover Misunderstood Medicine, a documentary aimed to help people see and understand medicinal cannabis and its use. Meet Dave from  The People Who Cares. Together with CBD Crew, he explains his journey, share his opinion on why self-sufficiency is so-important, and why changes need to happen fast. In 2015 myself and […]

What Are The Differences Between CBD and THC?

For the past few years, there is a serious increase in availability and understanding of CBD. There are a lot of stigmatised laws surrounding THC but studies have shown how our bodies naturally coexist with cannabinoids and terpenes.

How To Convince Someone Reluctant About Organic Gardening?

  Living in harmony with nature, harvesting the best most natural fruits, vegetables and herbs possible without harming anyone or anything. The idea of organic gardening sounds great. You may have read about the advantages for the ecosystem like the benefits for bees, better groundwater or the proliferation of useful microorganisms. […]